ClearONE: Managed IT Services from ClearFuze

ClearFuze has been in business creating custom managed IT services for small and medium-sized Southern California firms for nearly two decades. Our depth of experience in crafting these customized managed IT services for various industries in the Los Angeles area led to the creation of our ClearONE all-encompassing solution. 

ClearFuze customer industries include healthcare, entertainment, real estate developers, investment & finance, architecture, manufacturing and many more. “My goal was: how do ClearFuze IT consultants solve business challenges for Los Angeles clients with fewer than 100 employees? We needed to do it in a modern structure and remove the challenges specific to those clients,” states Jason Gilbert, Founder & CEO of ClearFuze.

ClearONE is a unique offering in multiple ways, namely: it is tailored to the individual client utilizing the expertise of the ClearFuze team. Additional features include:

  • Updated regularly to support your company as it scales.
  • A proactive solution designed to streamline workflow and optimize revenue.
  • Dedicated to providing timely support and affordable options.
  • Allows your employees to do the jobs they were hired to do while we deliver high-quality, reliable, immediate results utilizing the latest cloud solutions and business applications.

Here’s how it works:

ClearONE Inclusive Managed IT Services

Cloud Solutions

We choose the right hosted server for your exact data and processing requirements, with customized hybrid multicloud options.

Seamless IT Infrastructure Migration

Your move to the cloud is quick without hurtful downtime or data loss.

24×7 Cloud Server Monitoring 

Your security is top of mind. IT equipment, networks and applications are backed up and subject to regular maintenance. You’ll also receive:

  • Crucial services alerts
  • Automated application updates
  • Automated disk clean-ups
  • Automated restart of services

Cybersecurity Management 

Our cybersecurity measures protect Los Angeles clients with proactive and timely support. These include a customized data backup strategy, along with comprehensive compliance and encryption. Spyware, botnets and phishing prevention are in place along with secure VPN access for remote users.

Backup and Disaster Recovery 

  • Automated hourly backups
  • Same-day virtualization
  • Data secured in multiple locations
  • Automatic offsite nightly transfer
  • Backup verification & reporting
  • 24×7 monitoring for backup failure

Network Maintenance

  • Patch and AV updates
  • SPAM control
  • Email archiving & email continuity
  • Critical monitoring 24x7x365

Remote and Onsite Organizational Support

Here you’ll see a radical departure from the other IT services offered in Los Angeles. Your ClearFuze consultant team is available to you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They can be reached using chat, text, email or by calling.

Integrated Trouble-ticketing System 

Our support team is notified when you’re struggling with your hardware, including your computer. Customer service integrates data from the machinery, applications and software so we can help you immediately.

Remote Desktop Sharing Assistance

The same services are available (and just as quick) when we cannot be there in person.

Workstation Swaps/Parts Replacement

If your laptop problem cannot be fixed immediately, we’ll swap it out with another PC so that you can go right back to work.

The ClearONE Managed IT Services Difference

ClearONE enables clear solutions with clear results for your business—this is the ClearONE difference. We deliver streamlined network support for your remote staff, protect you from cybersecurity hacks, install high-quality VoIP phone systems, enhance website hosting, provide immediate IT disaster recovery and much more.

Allow us to close the gaps currently costing you thousands in lost time and productivity! Schedule a free consultation today.

In our upcoming post we’ll take a deeper dive into ClearONE professional services from ClearFuze, including hassle-free IT vendor management.