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The ClearONE solution gives you access to: 

  • 24x7x365 Support and Maintenance
  • Full Connectivity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Applications
  • Tailored Technical Solutions

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 If you feel your IT is creating more problems than it solves, then it’s time to give ClearFuze a call.

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We assess your current security needs and fix the problems.

Are You a CEO?

When there isn’t in-house IT, often the CEO is the one who’s stuck with researching software and business platforms. It can be overwhelming and frustrating. Our team at ClearFuze makes it our job to support you and recommend the best fitting technology solutions.

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Are You a CFO?

We’ve seen the CFO be the person who has to call the shots for what fits into the budget for technology needs. Often, you need more information to make the best decision and ClearFuze is an expert on putting together effective plans that are cost conscious and the improvements help improve your profits.

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Are You an Office Manager?

We’ve worked with lots of office managers who are the ones who have to chase down coworkers to fill out timesheets, while troubleshooting the slow internet connection and managing software updates. Let us help. ClearFuze is dedicated to your company’s success and freeing up your time.

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Are You In Charge of IT?

Some of our clients are companies who already have their own in-house IT department, but they need support with resources to keep up with demands. Technology, Security and Threats are all transforming at a rapid pace. ClearFuze can help. We bring technology exposure, bandwidth, expertise, research, vendor relations and strategies for improving your infrastructure and processes so that your IT department can shine.

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ClearONE is highly cost-effective and much more efficient than bringing on a single (and expensive) IT hire. For less than the cost of a single specialist, you get the benefits of an entire team dedicated to your business goals. All this, plus network support, top-of-the-line cloud solutions, complete cybersecurity protection, IT disaster planning and backup services for any possible outcome.

Our customizable ClearONE Managed IT Services are tailored for your unique business needs. We conduct a in-depth audit of your current state of technology and create a comprehensive plan that fills in the gaps and connects the pieces so you have a well-oiled machine. Fixed Costs. 24/7/365 Support. Expert Insights.

ClearONE Includes All of the Following

The ClearONE Solution enables your business to have access to 24x7x365 support, maintenance, full connectivity, disaster recovery, advanced applications, and tailored technical solutions. ClearFuze can help, whether you already have in-house IT or not!


Clients often say, “Nobody is coming after us.”

There are two types of clients.

1. Those who know they’ve been hacked.

2. And those who don’t know. 

The majority of ransomware, malware and viruses are spread widely through the internet, systems, mail platforms and spam. They will automatically attack anything once access is gained. In truth, hackers are targeting EVERYBODY.

Get Protected

Cloud Services

Instead of being tied down to one computer, we enable your team to securely collaborate in real time, no matter the time, location or device with cloud solutions that boost mobility and productivity. Your team will be able to work whenever, wherever with uninterrupted access to their files and applications.

Elevate Your Cloud

Network Infrastructure

We optimize your IT infrastructure to ensure maximum employee productivity and operational efficiency. A well-designed network connects multiple devices and systems seamlessly so that they can communicate with each other, improving workflow and minimizing downtime, including in the work-from-home landscape. 

Increase Efficiency

Business Continuity

We develop a strategic plan to help you recover from any disaster and get back to business fast. With our plan, we can leap into action quickly and the plan is updated annually so that you can easily retrieve critical data and get back to business quickly.

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IT Consulting & Staff Training

We are by your side with professional intelligence and industry experience, leveraging for your technology with insights to meet your business goals and needs.

Leverage Expertise

Disaster Recovery & Data Protection

We implement first-class defenses to prevent hackers from breaching your systems and stealing your data. A data loss event due to malware or hacker intrusion has catastrophic consequences. Our team of experts will safeguard your company’s critical data and your clients’ sensitive information.

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Web & Email Hosting

Having a Gmail or Yahoo account to communicate with clients is all well and good, but what’s even better is having your website and business email to establish authority, trust and presence with clients. What’s more, private hosting also ensures that data sent and received via email are encrypted and protected in a secure server.

The Host with the Most


We deploy cutting-edge telephony systems that allow you to make HD-quality calls to clients through our ClearVoice business VoIP phone services.

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