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As a CIO or internal IT department head, you know how to keep your systems running. What you might not have is all the support and resources necessary to do so. Here’s how ClearFuze supports CIOs with their IT needs.

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Expanding Your IT Team

In a growing company, keeping sufficient IT staff to meet your organization’s needs can be difficult, not to mention expensive. That’s where ClearFuze can step in to supplement your internal IT department.

ClearFuze offers you a hybrid solution by offering our resources to assist your own internal team. Whether you need extra support to answer tickets, a team to work on a big project or migration, an outside eye to help solidify overall IT strategy, or a partner with vendor relationships to help you get the most affordable and advanced solutions, ClearFuze provides you with the support you need.

We can be an extension of your internal IT team to help you get tasks done efficiently and affordably.

Get the Best from Co-Managed IT

When you work together with ClearFuze to implement co-managed IT services for your organization, you keep control of your IT department and strategy while also receiving the benefits of ClearFuze’s resources and expertise.

Co-managed IT simply combines the best of your team with the best of ours to enable you to optimize and elevate your company’s IT.

Partner with ClearFuze to Elevate Your IT

Are you ready for a partnership that will empower your IT department to elevate your company? Get in touch today to learn more about working with ClearFuze and to get started with our co-managed IT services!

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