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The frameworks for architecture and engineering firms are built on sophisticated designs, precision and complex processes. A nominal flaw in any design or process can yield catastrophic consequences. Additionally, the rise in the adaptability of technologies such as AI, deep learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the architecture and engineering industry calls for advanced network, cloud and cybersecurity capabilities. Therefore, it’s important to have the proper network support systems in place for architecture and engineering firms to assist in accurate executions in a timely manner.

At ClearFuze, our team of experienced IT consultants provides customized IT network support and cloud services for your organization’s needs. We cater to small and mid-size architecture and engineering firms in California looking to scale their businesses with the help of comprehensive IT solutions and software tools that meet industry standards.

ClearFuze provides in-house and remote architecture and engineering support services with our expert consultants, helping your staff adapt to a more seamless IT network process—while also managing last-minute needs as they arise.

We prioritize the modernization of your network and cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity. To further assist with the scalability of your business, we also look for ways to enhance your existing IT solutions.

In Architecture and Engineering, Some Areas Often Require Improvement

Project Management: exceptional project management software is paramount in ensuring that projects are progressing within their anticipated time frames

Remote Collaboration: in today’s climate, connecting remotely with your team is not only crucial, it’s non-negotiable

Time Tracking: measuring the productivity of your team will help to better serve your clients

Project Accounting: architecture and engineering projects are far too complex to be accounted for incorrectly

Billing: ensuring proper billing is crucial for the success of your enterprise

Managed IT Support Services for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Firms Based in Los Angeles

Managed IT support services cover all the bases of your IT needs, from cybersecurity and compliance to network infrastructure and cloud computing. Maintaining IT systems that are not cumbersome and don’t threaten your team’s productivity is not an easy feat.

Companies that don’t specialize in IT solutions also rarely want to handle them on their own. ClearFuze, an industry leader in California’s IT consulting sector, is committed to getting your team’s time back. Gone are the days when you had to yell in frustration at your “representative” over the phone. Our IT consultants are either there in-house or just a chatbot conversation away.

ClearONE is the ClearFuze Total IT Solution

We offer ClearONE exclusively to our clients. It is a catalog of all-encompassing, cost-efficient IT solutions to help you meet your business goals. Your business will have around-the-clock support, maintenance, connectivity and disaster recovery.

First, we take a comprehensive look at your existing IT network infrastructure to discover vulnerabilities and the components that require enhancement. We learn about your business goals and the new technologies your team wants to integrate into your workflow.

Second, ClearFuze gives you an honest assessment of the current state of your IT network infrastructure and the limitations it poses. And finally, collaboratively, we create a strategic plan to help improve your overall processes. Some of what we tackle includes:

Systems Management: we manage and monitor your network and cloud infrastructure to ensure that it meets industry standards and works seamlessly across your teams
Desktop Support: we station one of our expert IT consultants in-house to help you with real time issues. We also provide remote support 24 hours, 7 days a week
Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery: you may have set business hours, but hackers work around on the clock. We’ll put systems in place to help mitigate cyberattacks and other threats to your infrastructure. Additionally, glitches, outages and lags in your network and cloud infrastructure can result in the loss of important data and documents. We’re armed with a disaster recovery plan to help manage interruptions and to retrieve lost data
Systems Design: you’ll receive customized IT network solutions that meet your business needs. We won’t overload your network and cloud infrastructure with hardware and software your team can’t take advantage of

Managed Backups: we provide systems backup solutions that add an extra layer of security over your network and protect your highly sensitive data

Let’s Launch! 

If your team is looking for IT network support consulting help that meets today’s industry standards and is backed by knowledgeable technicians, ClearFuze is the right services provider for you. Together, we can create sustainable solutions that meet your team’s needs. 

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