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With the help of technology, the entertainment industry has seen exponential growth in platforms and devices powered to deliver content for public consumption. From Netflix and Hulu to Apple Music, the options for entertainment are endless. ClearFuze, an IT consulting firm based in Los Angeles, has a presence throughout one of the major entertainment capitals of the world. We bring A-list IT network, data protection, cybersecurity, and cloud support services to small to medium-sized entertainment companies looking to manage and protect their data.

The entertainment industry finds itself in a more vulnerable and unique position than other industries like health care, architecture and construction. Not only does it have to protect the sensitive data of its customers (this is particularly relevant to streaming platforms that sell subscriptions), but it must protect its content. When cybercriminals get access to unreleased content that has scheduled release dates (backed by huge marketing campaigns), they threaten the release of the content before schedule. Of course, this causes many problems, including loss of money. ClearFuze’s IT consultants aim to save the day with cutting-edge IT network solutions.

ClearONE is Specialized IT Services Support for The Entertainment Industry

Receive IT solutions made for the entertainment industry and based on your team’s specific needs. ClearONE maps out a plan just for you.

Protect Your Investment with Great Cybersecurity Tactics

Entertainment streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Apple Music use a subscription model to collect customer data and analyze consumer behaviors to market to their customers periodically. The stakes are high for entertainment companies–they often experience cyberattacks involving malware, phishing, ransomware, and trojan horses. ClearFuze runs interference by analyzing a company’s IT network infrastructure to pursue entry points and stay abreast of cyber groups targeting specific industries. This is in addition to the sophisticated antivirus and antimalware software that ClearFuze provides.

Avoid Disruptions in Your Business Operations with a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

The loss of data can lead to loss of revenue as well as the loss of your customers’ trust. Having a superior data backup and recovery plan is paramount. Having your data backed up off site, at different locations, mitigates the malfeasance behavior of current employees or disgruntled ex-employees looking for a major payout by selling company and customer data.

Close Deals Over the Phone With ClearVOICE

The entertainment industry is equally as fast-paced as the IT solutions industry. Every phone call might be a potential business deal. Close deals over the phone with the confidence of ClearVOICE, ClearFuze’s safe and reliable phone system.

In-House and 24/7 Remote IT Consulting Support

ClearFuze technicians are placed in your offices to provide in-person IT network support. After a comprehensive evaluation of your IT network server, our technicians will render an assessment for new software and/or hardware that will enhance your infrastructure. ClearFuze also provides 24/7 remote support and maintenance of your IT network even after business hours.

ClearFuze’s team of experts study different industries, learning their trends and forecasting their IT network and cloud support needs. The presence of ClearFuze technicians eliminates the need for a costly in-house IT department. If your team is looking for the star treatment and a modern and scalable IT network Infrastructure, then ClearFuze consultants are the experts for your team. Contact us today!