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IT Support for the Healthcare Industry in Los Angeles

HHealthcare is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Adapting to new technologies and innovative ways of reaching patients is a must—from offering virtual medical appointments to increasing the number of wearable medical devices on the market. To support these advancements, healthcare organizations must collect and store vast amounts of personal information digitally. Unfortunately, this makes them a prime target for cyber attacks.

ClearFuze, based near the Santa Monica Airport, is an industry-leading IT consultant for healthcare and other industries across California. Our diverse clientele includes hospitals, general practitioners, chiropractors, dentists, veterans, and numerous specialty practices. Our IT experts know the ins and outs of safeguarding sensitive medical data and delivering technology solutions that comply with stringent HIPAA laws.

Cyber Crime Reaches All-Time High During Pandemic

Our ClearONE program offers customized services that meet your healthcare organization’s specific IT network and cloud infrastructure needs, prioritizing cybersecurity. Below is a sampling of these offerings, which are implemented in close collaboration with clients.

Cybersecurity. Established in 1996 by the Clinton administration, HIPAA regulations are the industry standard for protecting sensitive patient information. Robust cybersecurity measures—such as encrypted email and secure networking solutions—are a must for today’s healthcare organizations.

Network Infrastructure Support. ClearONE aims to modernize existing IT network infrastructure to ensure it meets industry standards and protects critical data. A well-designed network connects multiple devices and systems seamlessly, which improves workflows and minimizes downtime.

Secure Cloud Services. Many healthcare team members, including doctors and nurses, require remote access to patient data. ClearONE facilitates a safe environment for mobile job functions and digital collaboration, using specialized software to protect your organization.

Private Web & Email Hosting. Virtual healthcare communications are now the norm. ClearONE provides peace of mind with encrypted email and private website hosting services, which safeguard against malware and other online security threats.

Disaster Recovery & Data Protection. Having reliable access to a patient’s medical history is paramount, especially for those responsible for making life or death decisions in emergency situations. Losing this essential data can cause a litany of problems. ClearONE establishes first-class defenses to prevent hackers from breaching your systems and stealing patient data, and in cases of a data loss event, we help you quickly regain access to patient information. 

Save Time and Money with Expert IT Consulting for Healthcare

Choosing ClearFuze as your healthcare IT network and cloud support partner means that your team will save money by increasing productivity and reducing lag time. Our ClearONE program provides you with access to 24/7 remote support, maintenance, connectivity and disaster recovery services. We also offer real-time, on-site support as needed.

If you want to learn how ClearFuze can help your healthcare business thrive no matter the social or economic climate, contact us for a free consultation.