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ClearFuze is an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles that operates 24/7—a parallel reality of the nightlife and music scene of West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Amid the cacophony of crowds and rock bands performing along the strip, there are many small to mid-sized companies, in various industries, that need premiere IT network and cloud solutions.

For a span of 30 years, we have collaborated with West Hollywood clients in health care, fintech, entertainment, architecture & construction, and more in optimizing their IT infrastructure in pursuit of increased business, employee productivity, and brand equity.

We offer onsite and remote support, which eliminates the need for in-house IT network staff on your payroll and balance sheet.

Our IT Consultants Created ClearOne to Optimize Your Network

The team at ClearFuze created ClearONE to support and empower our clients to make decisions about their IT needs that make sense operationally and financially. ClearONE services are customized for individual enterprises.

Below is what your team can expect from ClearONE solutions.

Managed IT Solutions Help Increase Profitability

Having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure means that servicing your customers is more seamless. However, for instances where the user experience is interrupted by slow website speed and unexplained error messaging, this may indicate an IT infrastructure problem that is only remedied with the help of a system update or a complete overhaul. ClearFuze takes an assessment and diagnostic approach before our team of IT consultants suggests purchasing expensive hardware and servers. We aim to modernize your IT infrastructure based on industry standards and at a price point specifically for your needs.


Every “add to cart” transaction and “book now” interaction gives cybercriminals entry points to retrieve your customers’ data. We play defense by using advanced cybersecurity measures to help secure every user experience from the highly sophisticated practices of cybercriminals.

Cloud Services

Instead of being tied down to one computer, we enable your team to securely collaborate in real time, no matter the time, location or device with cloud solutions that boost mobility and productivity. Your team will be able to work whenever, wherever with uninterrupted access to their files and applications.

Data Backup and Recovery

It takes years to gain the trust of your customers, while on the other hand, it takes one cyber breach to lose it. ClearFuze helps you retain your customers’ trust and confidence in your business by devising a backup and recovery plan that considers different scenarios leading to data loss. The plan entails creating extra copies of your data and storing it on a remote server or cloud in case of a cyber breach or human error that could unintentionally cause a loss in data.


Take discovery calls with confidence using ClearVOICE, our proprietary phone service that’s safe and secure. You’ll get crystal clear calls, secure lines and unlimited voice calls, video and messaging.

Web and Email Hosting

Cybercriminals are betting on companies to have lackluster web and email safeguards. While ClearFuze provides web and email hosting, we also offer solutions to help cyber intruders out. The best part of this service is the education we deliver to your staff about the Dos and Don’ts of logging into the company’s network and receiving emails.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, so do the standards and business operations for individual industries. While creating an efficient, reliable, and modern IT infrastructure may take months and require a sizable investment, the results will allow you to promptly show up for your customers and create a great user experience.

If you’re ready to save money and optimize your infrastructure, contact ClearFuze today for an IT services consultation in West Hollywood.  

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